After the wedding ceremony is a time for fun, dancing, and most of all food. The last thing a Bride wants to do is to get to the reception only to have problems arise. So she must have all the bases covered to have the best party that everyone will remember. We could easily come up with a million questions to ask but for now, let’s stick with the basics:

  1. What does the caterer specialize in? It doesn’t have to be just the main course. It could be a signature drink or a unique salad dressing. Be sure to sample the menu thoroughly with a group of friends or family.
  2. Does the caterer also work a duel role as a coordinator? Not just running the food out to your guests, but queuing up the DJ or band, helping cut the cake, laying out table settings or coordinating a receiving line. Someone will be tasked with this and it’s best not to ask your new mother-in-law.
  3. What is the cost-per-plate? You don’t want to run to the ATM in white, so be sure to have all of your costs covered well before your wedding day. This includes the all linens, gratuity and the all important bar tab. You may even want to inquire if there is a flat rate.
  4. Does the caterer offer of the menu items? Vegan, vegetarian, kosher or food for the children is important to consider. Also, you may have that secret family recipe that you would liked served. Can you bring your own home brewed beer or that special wine from the old country? Be aware that it may cost extra.
  5. What other function will be going on that evening? If the caterer is located at a restaurant or has multiple reception rooms you want to make sure the kitchen is well prepared and their is enough parking for all of your guests.

At Kruse and Muer we can host your beautiful wedding reception and you can have the most memorable day of your life!