Bianca has been with the Rochester Chop House since February 18, 1992.  Going on twenty years this month, Bianca still enjoys walking through its doors each morning, ready to visit with her “extended family.” Bianca says working for and next to Vince Clark, General Manager and Operating Partner, is one of the reasons she enjoys it so much.  “He is a great friend and mentor, he really cares about his employees and guests, and always has a great story to tell,” says Bianca.  She also states that she “has nothing but respect for Bill Kruse,” saying “he has taught her so much through his leadership.”  She is thankful for the many opportunities he has given to her, appreciates that he takes the time to get to know his employees, and is amazed that he can remember everyone’s names! She loves seeing him walk through the door with “his shorts, bowtie and a big smile.”

Bianca has stayed with the company through the years because it’s “a home away from home,” and she enjoys being a part of the success of a great restaurant.  Some of that success comes from a great Event Planner.  Bianca takes extra care to ensure each event she coordinates is an organized, memorable day.  She finds it diverse and challenging, but also extremely rewarding.  She says, “I love meeting with the people, getting to know their story, and making their day special to them.”  Bianca keeps busy planning showers, weddings, outside events at guests’ homes, business dinners, anniversary parties and more!

Bianca says she enjoys making memories through the years, and reliving those exciting experiences.  She’s thrilled by the many friends she has met, watching the Chop House family grow, and elated that she was able to see a movie being filmed at her second home.  She says it makes for an interesting day when you have celebrities stopping by for lunch or dinner (local and otherwise).

Bianca is truly proud to be a part of the Rochester Chop house team.  She says “I have learned so much working here and continue to learn every day.  To be in this business you have to love people and food, and I love both!”