Bill Kruse was once described by Chuck Muer as the best “Saloon Keeper” he’d ever come across. Today Bill describes his son Alex the same way. He just seems to have that ability to connect with people and runs his restaurant that way with a real passion. Casey Kruse, Alex’s older brother who is also involved in the company business, once called his Dad, Bill, from the parking lot of the Kruse and Muer at the Village as he was looking through the front window of the restaurant to say, “Oh my gosh Dad…you cannot believe how Alex is running that restaurant tonight…he’s all over the place. You’d be very impressed.” Well yes I am impressed with Alex, the way he runs his restaurant and leads by example. His people are all a reflection of Alex and how he runs things.

When asked, Alex said of the new Kruse’s Deer Lake Inn in Clarkston/Independence Township, “I envision that Kruse’s Deer Lake Inn will become the future of the company. Back when my Dad was working for Chuck Muer, he developed the Tavern Division concept (Uptown Charley’s, Bloomfield Charley’s, etc.) which became a sustaining source of company income. My idea is that the new Deer Lake Inn concept, which combines some of the most popular menu items from Kruse and Muer as well as newly developed menu items, will be what propels this company into the future. My managers and I will always be there to meet and greet our new guests, welcoming them into the Kruse and Muer family. I want to capitalize on those things that have made Kruse and Muer so successful over the years with a new emphasis on beverage merchandising, which I think has long been neglected. Today’s new generation of the dining public is very interested in and knowledgeable about beverages, and those who don’t do something with it will be falling behind the competition. I really want to make this a fun place for me and the guests. I want to do late season Tigers and college football on the deck with ‘grilled to order hamburgers, hot dogs and some great beers in frosty 25 oz. mugs’. It has to be a restaurant that appeals to all ages, with a diverse menu that offers a little something for everyone’s taste and mood. All the people who have come in thus far are just wonderful and so happy that we are here! As for me… I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to run a restaurant in such a “welcoming community” and pledge that I will do all that I know how to do to make this a place that everyone wants to call their own.”