“When we come here, everyone makes you feel so comfortable, it’s like family.”

Gene and Laura Holobaugh have been regulars at Lake Orion since it opened its doors in 2001. Through the years they have developed close relationships with the team members. Some faces come and go, but they say no matter who greets them when they walk in the door, it always feels like home. Laura smiles broadly when she speaks of General Manager, Adam Quidort, saying “It’s clear Adam knows how to work with a team, he is such a sweet person and carries on the Kruse tradition of making you feel at home.” The Holobaugh’s remember the first manager that welcomed them, Alex Kruse, and say it’s so nice that everyone else has the same ‘get to know you’ attitude.

The Roadhouse is their favorite place to entertain, and anytime out-of-town family comes around, the first question they ask is “Can we go see the renovation?” For those that can’t make it, they take family pictures outside of the building, sending them to relatives with a note that says “Wish you were here”. The Roadhouse salad is a permanent fixture at their family events, Laura says she hasn’t made a salad at home since Kruse and Muer opened its doors (it also gives her a chance to catch up with Kaitlyn in carry out). Family is very important to them, and they love the at home feel of the Roadhouse, a fond memory being when Bill Kruse stopped by to chat, and told their grandson to “call him Uncle Bill”.

They are very pleased with the Roadhouse renovation. Gene says, “The Roadhouse enhanced something that was already great, it is keeping up with the times while keeping the integrity of the building.” They speak of other restaurants, which are closing their doors in these tough times, and how they believe Kruse and Muer is successful because they always keep their doors, and their hearts open. Their favorite new addition is “The Porch,” they love coming for dinner, sitting at a table in the corner, and watching the sun set over the lake.

Laura says “All of our friends say you go to that place a lot, it must be your favorite.” She answers simply with “Yes, it is,” and now you know why.