Kruse and Muer at the Lake is a place you will see many familiar faces return again and again. Some come to celebrate, some to enjoy holidays, and some just want to enjoy a beverage and an appetizer at the bar after a long day at work.

Steve Fleischer encompasses all of these. He frequents Lake Orion on holidays, the anniversary of his wife’s passing and her birthday, and to celebrate special occasions with family and friends. He meets his sons Steve and Mark, daughters-in-law Amy and Julie, and five grandchildren for midweek dinners; dines at lunch with clients, and catches up with the staff members while dining at the bar.

Steve has been coming to eat in this building since 1973, when it was Gus’s Roadhouse and all of its successors. Now he feels right at home with the Kruse and Muer operation. “The entire Kruse and Muer family always stops by to say hello to me, no matter which restaurant I may be dining in.”

He always has nice things to say of the Kruse boys: Bill, Casey and Alex, as well as the entire Lake Orion staff. “I’ve never heard a bad word about working for the family,” he said. “Bill Kruse is like Santa Claus, a jolly guy.” He said the staff takes after him, with their positive and friendly attitudes. “There are always people to talk to,” said Steve, as the interview was interrupted by an employee stopping to see how the weekend was with the family.

Steve says the best part of Kruse and Muer on the Lake, to put it simply, is excellence. “Every time I come, everything is perfect. I never have any problems,” he said. “The kitchen won’t send anything out that’s not up to par.”

Occasionally, Steve is treated to his own personal creation, with the Chef always happy to oblige. “When you’re not very hungry, artichoke dip with gulf shrimp and a stuffed mushroom cap on top is perfect,” he said. When guests have been coming long and frequently as Steve has, it’s easy to get creative and find the perfect dish to suit his tastes.

Steve holds a hand in the updating of the bar area, including a brand new flat screen TV. Every time Steve saw Bill, he would mention that a flat screen would be a nice addition. Steve playfully said, “Bill finally gave in, with a little push from Cindy Kruse.” Steve also is looking forward to the remodel of the Lake Orion location, which will include “The Porch,” with all windows opening to the outdoors. “It will be a great addition to the neighborhood, being able to look out at the lake and enjoy the good weather,” he said. He also is looking forward to adding it as another summer-time activity with his usual golfing and boating.

Steve Fleischer enjoys Kruse and Muer Lake Orion because it’s a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. There’s always a familiar face, always cheerful conversation, and occasionally,