The passing of a loved one can be a traumatic time. Whether you know that an end is near or it’s a sudden and surprising death, you need to plan quickly for a funeral and perhaps even a luncheon. To be prepared you should know who the caterers are that can help you through this difficult time. You want the reception to be handled with care and professionalism. Let the experts tend to your needs while you tend to your family and friends.

Menu choices should be simple, yet elegant and adhere to the family’s wishes. It doesn’t need to be overdone, but all special receptions like these can be be organized quickly, tastefully and without any hassle. Comfort and finger foods are common and even expected as items.Drinks, too, should be kept simple. Coffee, tea, and pop are all standard, but occasionally alcohol is asked for. The family should have this question answered in advance so they are not caught off guard.

The venue and its location is an important consideration as the caterer will most likely have to travel and set up and perhaps even heat some items in the oven. You must not forget the linens, flatware, plates, or cups and you certainly do not want to run low. If it is catered at a hall you must have plenty of tables and chairs, but unlike a wedding most of the patrons will be standing. The big thing to consider carefully is quantity. How many people are you expecting and will you have enough food and drink. It’s common for the caterer to have a 50%-100% payment up front.

Finally, yes this will be a day of sadness but it can also be a celebration of life. At Kruse and Muer we can help you plan to make your day go by as easily as possible.