Kruse and Muer at the Lake opened in 2002 in the site of the landmark restaurant, Gus’s Steakhouse. In our nine years here we have become somewhat of a fixture in this community and have made lots of friends. I knew from the get go that this was a good place for us. When I met the Building Inspector, Tom Berger, he was bending over backwards to help me with the project. There was a lot of work to be done on that old building, but on February 23, 2002, we opened our doors to the community.

Over the course of time we have enjoyed meeting lots of new people for whom we have provided what have hopefully been many memorable experiences. The 2009 downturn in the economy has produced business challenges for everyone, but the Lake Orion Kruse and Muer has been particularly hard hit. Not only is everyone competing for a diminished consumer dollar, but there is a lot more competition now. So we decided it was time to make a change.

In July of this year we begin the process of becoming the “Kruse and Muer Roadhouse”. The plan was to add an outdoor deck facing Lapeer Road for dining and relaxing around a fire pit, overlooking Buckhorn Lake, but we were denied a variance request by the Zoning Board. Instead we have now designed the front room to become “The Porch,” with all windows opening to the outdoors. Additionally, every dining room will undergo a complete renovation with much focus on the upstairs dining areas. Private exclusive dining areas will be developed for what we hope will become some of the most intimate, classy rooms in the county.

The menu will not eliminate any of the Kruse and Muer classics, but will rather add a number of more casual selections at the low end of the menu and some great upper end additions. Whether it’s lounging on the Porch with friends for appetizers and drinks, or planning that special occasion event, The Roadhouse will be certain to fit the bill. New menus, new dining areas, new uniforms and a new attitude have us all extremely excited to move forward with a concept developed to reach out to all of our surrounding communities and to provide a fun new option for our Kruse and Muer guests.

Kruse and Muer at the Lake is not the only one getting a face lift. During the second half of 2011, two other Kruse and Muer locations will be making design and menu changes. Kruse and Muer on Wilshire in Troy will be adding two grand exterior signs, new seating, lighting, décor changes, and a new back bar. New additions to the menu will include more upper end steak and seafood items at the request of our weekday business guests. Kruse and Muer at the Village will be getting a whole new look with updated carpet, booth material, brand new chairs, outdoor awnings and a new gallery of pictures.

We invite you to come visit, check out our progress, and try out new menu items.

Anticipated Lake Orion Roadhouse Construction Schedule:

New Blue Wall, Walkways & Stairs 07/25
Porch Dining Room 09/1
Dining Room Furniture, Light Fixtures & Accessories 09/1
Paint, Awning & New Signage 09/1-09/15

Bill Kruse & CO