Believe it or not, it’s been one year since I first considered the Kruse’s Deer Lake Inn as our sixth restaurant venture. It’s taken longer, and has certainly been more costly than I originally planned for, but I’m sure it will be worth it in the long run. My sons Casey and Alex and I are most anxious to join the Clarkston community with some very good restaurants. I’m always a bit nervous to be opening in the presence of great competition, but don’t mistake the nervousness as a lack of confidence. I personally have gone through some 20 new restaurant openings and our preparation and experience will have us ready.

So… why did I decide to open number six?  I wanted the opportunity to do an opening with my sons Casey and Alex, and all the people I’ve developed along the way who now possess such great skills and confidence.

The people of Independence Township have been such a great help! Dave Belcher, the Township Building Inspector and Dick Carlisle, City Planner made it clear from the beginning that they would welcome a Kruse and Muer into the community.

Why Kruse’s Deer Lake Inn as a name? It was hard to neglect the history of this longstanding establishment and it seemed only fitting to carry on a tradition that began in the 1890s. Why not “Muer?” Well, it’s a new time and a new generation, one which was conceived by Alex, Casey and me, but will be carried on by the two of them. It’s their time… they have earned it and they will do just fine. I’m very proud of them.