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Business Lunch Catering

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Now and then, every company wants to treat their employees to a catered lunch. It could be an internal meeting such as a simple Christmas or Anniversary Party, or something a little more elaborate that involves a paid guest speaker. Whatever the reason, there are many factors that go into choosing the right venue for the function.

The freshness of the meal should be one of the highest priorities. This isn’t so much a concern for the small group, but with larger group it is. The catering company or restaurant must be able to serve the meal in a timely fashion so all people get their meal exactly as expected. An easy way to confirm this is by being diligent and visiting with the venue ahead of time. Don’t just reserve blindly. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions like, “What if our speaker goes over on the allotted time?” and “How long have you been catering?” You may also ask the Caterer for references. Past businesses are sure to be honest, even with the smallest of problems. (more…)